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National California Wine Month: What Could be More Natural?

WineIt’s National California Wine Month, and it’s not just being celebrated in the Golden State.

Nationally & internationally, there are those that carry a flame for California Wines.

What can one say about California wines that isn’t good? California has the perfect sandy soil for the root systems of the vines to thrive.

As well, being adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and its salty air moisture helps keep the humidity level ideal for wine making, and as we know, the temperature is perfectly conducive to making wonderful wine.

The Napa Valley produces grapes full of the necessary sugars and plump bursting with juicy flavor.

Compared with other wines worldwide, California wines rate highly and are very much in demand.

When it comes to experimenting with new grape varieties, the climate favors such experimentation all the way from the cooler Northern areas of Cali, down to the hotter regions further South.

California boasts fine table wines, as well as the more elite sparkling wines.

A trip to California Wine Country is well worth it to sample their wide varieties, not to mention the unbelievable scenery.
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So, grab yourself some cool wine glasses, and find your passion for National California Wine Month. Grab yourself a bottle to drink or cook with.

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