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National Apple Dumpling Day: Memories of Mom

Fried DumplingFond memories of Mom’s home cooking go along with National Apple Dumpling Day

Not that she would necessarily bake them on September 17th, but that she made dumplings in a variety of ways, in different shapes and sizes, and using different ingredients.

Fluffy Apple Dumplings…The aroma of apples, a touch of cinnamon wafting through the kitchen window, and then to see a huge platter of golden dumplings on the kitchen table…Some things you never forget. ~ Ingrid Turner

A childhood friend recently recalled how she hadn’t ever had such a wonderful treat as after school at my house eating Mom’s dumplings. This is her most vivid memory of my Mom.

Granny Smith Apples - CookingWithKimberly.comGrowing our own apples, we had them in abundance. My Mom’s style of apple dumplings used slice apples. Stirred into waffle type dough with brown sugar, baking powder and a dash of cinnamon. Then, they were deep fried until golden brown in color.

A cross between a dumpling & a fritter, and so tasty. Sometimes, we would dunk them in white sugar too. Divine!

Another way Mom would prepare apples was using small apples, cored, filling the core with brown sugar and placing the apple in the middle of a source of pie crust dough, pull corners together and bake until the apples cooked through. A fabulous dessert.

Now, go grab your favorite Apple Dumpling recipe, and bake it up for National Apple Dumpling Day!


Hate it when your apples turn brown? Here’s how to prevent browning:

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