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Mushroom Week on Cooking with Kimberly!

Cultivated Mushroom Poster: HMy favorite “vegetable” (well, it’s really a fungus, but whatever…LOL) is the mushroom!

It was understood as I grew up that mushrooms were tasty, yes, but they didn’t have much nutritional benefits other than a bit of fiber and lots of water.

Until last year, this is what I thought. However, mushrooms are chock full of all kinds of special nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can only be found in mushrooms!

In fact, mushrooms are especially healthy for your immune system. Try making a creamy mushroom soup if you’re sick, instead of or in addition to your favorite chicken soup!

The thing is, just until recent years, we were pretty much stuck with only being able to access white button mushrooms at the store. These are probably the least nutritious mushrooms there are that are edible.

Nowadays, you can easily find shiitake, oyster, kind oyster, enoki, crimini and portabello mushrooms to mention a few…

When I was young, I didn’t particularly like eating breakfast, so my mother was happy whenever I’d eat anything. My favorite meal of choice for breakfast was cream of mushroom soup! I still eat this for breakfast to this day!

If you’ve been thinking about partaking in the Maker’s Diet or trying to be healthier, try encorporating more mushrooms into your diet.

Try my husband’s spin on Creamy Mushroom Soup he created for my mushroom cravings!

Mushrooms, whether they’re cultivated, wild or exotic are not only tasty, but wonderful for your health too.


I hope you enjoyed this post about Mushrooms on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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Mushroom Cookbook: Recipes For White & Exotic Varieties Mushroom Cookbook: Recipes For White & Exotic Varieties

Mushroom Cookbook: Recipes For White & Exotic Varieties

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