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How to Grill Melanie Stewart’s “Best Burger in Dallas” at Lone Star Volleyball Club

How to Bake Hamburger Buns - CookingWithKimberly.comNow, as you all know, I love BBQ and I love burgers!

What you may not know is that we play sand volleyball every weekend and sometimes during the week when it’s nice weather here in Dallas – either at Lone Star Volleyball Club or at Yucatan Beach Club in Coppell, Texas – they’re right across the street from each other.

Well, when we play at Lone Star, as long as Melanie Stewart is working that day, she makes us the Best Burgers in Dallas”!

She’ll make you a Lone Star hamburger for $3.50, but it’s hard to resist adding cheese and freshly grilled bacon! Yes, I said grilled bacon! How can you resist, right?

Wow – Melanie has a special spice combination she uses especially for these burgers, which she let me see and smell, and try and guess at the ingredients.

Of course, it has salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and the like, but I CAN’T tell you the rest of the ingredients I guessed – that would give up the secret!

Who knows if I was right or wrong – If she told me, she’d have to get rid of me! LOL…

Now, I got a few tips and ideas from her, but that’s for another post – maybe I can get a video for you so you can try and decipher the deliciousness yourselves!

All I can say is that these are fantastic burgers and a real find for deep in the heart of Texas.

So, go by Lone Star Volleyball Club and ask if Melanie’s working – she’ll wrangle up the “Best Burger in Dallas” for you – Oooh, ahhh – sooo good!

Get yourself a cold one and some chips and you’re good to go for an entire day of sand volleyball! Oh yeah, and be sure to come on back here and let us know what you thought of that Lone Star Burger a la Melanie!

Lone Star is located @: 1849 E Belt Line Rd., Coppell, TX, 75019
Phone #: (214) 304-5972

* Update: Lone Star Volleyball Club closed back in 2009 or 2010


I hope you enjoyed BBQ Grilling post on Cooking With Kimberly. Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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