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How to Wash Your Wooden Spoons

Art Poster Print - Kitchen Tools - Artist: Simon Parr - Poster Size: 14 X 11 inchesFirstly, I love to use wooden spoons and utensils to cook!

Now, I watched a health spot on the news the other night that exposed the dangers of putting your wooden utensils in the dishwasher to wash.

Although you would think that you are sanitizing them, you are actually opening up the pores of the wood where bacteria from your dishwasher likes to hide.

Then, the wood cools after washing and it closes the pores of the wood, bacteria inside.

Yuk! Who knew?

How Do You Wash Your Wooden Utensils Then?
Well, you are to wash them in warm water with soap. Rinse thoroughly and then lightly grease them, using a tasteless oil, like canola or soya, to seal the pores of the wood from allowing bacteria to settle down inside.


I hope you find this Cooking Tip on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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    • Hello Rosalie…

      Wow…That’s harsh…

      I’m not sure why you think it’s not helpful…???

      I tell you what I learned on television and what you shouldn’t do.

      Then, I let you know what to do to prevent that “bad stuff” from happening, and how to do it…

      What else would you like to know about this topic?

      Kimberly 🙂

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