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How to Start Bean Seedlings Indoors for the Vegetable Garden + Video

If you’ve never planted a kitchen garden at home, or you just haven’t had much luck with your green thumb, this tutorial for How to Start Bean Seedlings Indoors for the Vegetable Garden is very helpful.

How to Cook Purple Pole Beans - cookingwithkimberly.comThere is such excitement when you go out to your vegetable garden and have the opportunity to pick beautiful bush or pole beans for your family dinner, only to notice that the next day, the plants have replenished themselves for another tasty side dish.

Beans are quite hearty plants and work well for harvesting, if you plant a handful of plants.

How to Start Bean Seedlings Indoors for the Vegetable Garden:

green beansThis method used to plant beans which is slightly different from the way our other seeds are started in our first video.

The tools needed & instructions are listed below the video for directions. Please enjoy this webisode of Cooking with Kimberly:

Tools Needed:

  • small bowl with room temperature water
  • beans – purchased or saved from last year’s crop
  • planting or seedling trays – these are very inexpensive
  • potting soil
  • skewers or sticks for labels
  • spray bottle of water


  1. First, the beans need to soak in water overnight, which allows the outer shell to break slightly, which lets the bean begin to grow.
  2. The seeding tray is prepared just as with our other seeds by filling the trays about half full with a good potting mixture. The soil is dampened and little furrows are made to hold the seeds.
  3. How to Start Bean Seedlings Indoors for the Vegetable Garden - cookingwithkimberly.comPlace the soaked beans about 1 inch apart in the seeding tray and then lightly cover them with soil.
  4. Spray the tray holding the seeds with enough water to keep it only moist. * Tip: Do not soak the tray with water or they will just rot.
  5. By the time the beans reach a height of 5 inches, they are ready to go into your garden, provided it is after the 24th of May – if you’re in our gardening zone (Southern Ontario, Canada). If not, each plant can be transplanted into small plastic seedling holders or small pots until the weather is a bit warmer.

Now, the mystery of growing beans is dispelled and you can begin yourself a wonderful kitchen garden with plentiful beanstalks!

When you harvest these tasty tidbits from your plants, you’ll need some recipes…

Bean Recipes:

Enjoy the bounty that ensues from these bean plants, and save this tutorial for how to start bean seedlings for the vegetable garden.

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