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How to Make Red, White & Blue Curaçao Roasted Marshmallow Shots: 4th of July Fare

The experience of enjoying Red, White & Blue Curaçao Roasted Marshmallow Shots is both patriotic & delicious…

campfireIt satisfies our inner child that remembers roasting marshmallows on an open fire, as well as our being an adult with the colorful Blue Curaçao. Perfect for a 4th of July cookout, but these yummy shots are enjoyable on any occasion.

It’s fun to have the marshmallows available around a campfire and each person can have the fun of making their own, after getting a taste of the shots you have served.

Red, White & Blue Curaçao Roasted Marshmallow Shots:

blue curacaoBlue Curaçao often tends to be an under-used, under-appreciated liqueur that usually only colors up fruity, girly adult bevvies.

Type: Alcoholic Beverage Recipe, Dessert Recipe

Prep Time: ~ 30 min
Yields: 20 shots



  1. Texas BBQ s6000 Combination Gas Grill - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comPreheat your outdoor grill or have fire ready for roasting marshmallows.
  2. Skewer and toast marshmallows, so they are deep golden brown, but not burnt, as you need the outside to be nice and crispy and capable of containing the Blue Curaçao.
  3. Place marshmallows on a tray that has been lightly coated with cooking spray.
  4. Scoop out inside of marshmallows and place on a serving tray lightly coated with cooking spray. Be sure to leave enough marshmallow intact so the outside shell is strong enough to hold the liquid.
  5. Be sure that marshmallows have cooled completely, and that each marshmallow stands up evenly.
  6. Pour approximately 3/4 oz Blue Curaçao into the marshmallow holders. * Note: You can add more or less, depending on how much room you have in the marshmallow.
  7. strawberryGarnish with a slice of strawberry and serve.
  • Note: So that folks who prefer a non-alcoholic drink can enjoy the fun of having a little drink too, you could use blue drink mix with a bit of ginger ale added.

Your guests can’t help being impressed with this beautiful presentation of these amazing shots.

These Red, White & Blue Curaçao Roasted Marshmallow Shots are sure to be a winner & a great conversation piece everyone will remember.

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