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How to Make Haskapa Whipped Cream + Video

I am pleased to share with you, my sweet and decadent recipe for How to Make Haskapa Whipped Cream from scratch.

How to Make Haskapa Whipped Cream - cookingwithkimberly.comWhy settle for plain whipped cream, when you can jazz it up with Haskapa Jam? It takes something that’s already incredibly delicious and shoots it up on the flavor scale to beyond fabulous!

Light, fluffy, sweet clouds of whipped cream with the flavor of the haskap berry is divine! It’s just right on Haskap Apple Pie or any other pie you feel would be complimented by a berry whipped cream.

I guess the artificial whipped toppings have their place when you have no alternative, but nothing beats real, homemade whipped cream made from pure, real cream without any weird additives, that you can’t pronounce – those added ingredients always tend to worry me.

If I go to the trouble of lovingly making a pie or cake from scratch, I sure don’t want to put anything artificial on top of it.

Haskapa Whipped Cream:

Firstly, you need heavy cream with at least 35% milk fat. If you get cream with less milk fat, you could whip it all day long, and you won’t get whipped cream, and you will be sorely disappointed.

Web Chef Review: Haskapa Jam - cookingwithkimberly.comI’ve used Haskapa Jam with today’s whipped cream, which is a lush jam with plump, juicy haskap berries in it. Haskapa is the brand name of a company situated in Nova Scotia. They process such delicious haskap berry products. Find Haskapa online, and acquaint yourself with the marvelous products made with plump haskap berries:

haskap berries - haskapa.comThe haskap berries come from a plant that originated in Russia, but is now grown throughout the Canadian provinces and some of the USA states. The berries look like elongated blueberries, with the same frosty, purplish- blue coloring on the outside, and deep crimson flesh inside.

It has some sweetness and a tangy flavor, making it perfect for juicing, jams, chutneys, and many other uses. I have used these amazing berries in many dishes, stuffings, glazes, and am always happy with the results.

How to Bake Haskap Apple Pie - cookingwithkimberly.comSince I used some Haskapa Jam in the pie I baked, I decided to carry on the same theme by incorporating it into the whipped cream. This Haskap Apple Pie, will be so much more delicious with this customized whipped cream.

When whipping cream, it is preferable to have your ingredients, beaters, bowl and spatula cold. A few minutes in the freezer will be sufficient.

Type: Dessert Recipe

Prep Time: about 5 min
Yield: about 2 cups

The ingredients & instructions are listed below the video for measurements & directions. Please enjoy this webisode of Cooking with Kimberly:


  • whipping cream1 cup of 35% heavy whipping cream
  • about 1 to 1-1/2 tbsp haskap jam – I used Haskapa Jam.
  • 2 heaping tbsp of icing sugar or confectioners sugar – If you don’t have icing sugar, regular fine white sugar will be fine.


  1. Pour the whipping cream into a cold mixing bowl.
  2. KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer in Metallic Chrome - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comUsing a hand mixer or stand mixer, beat the whipping cream until it is foamy and just beginning to fluff up.
  3. Stop the beater and sprinkle in half of the icing sugar, beat for about 5 seconds, add the rest of the sugar. Continue to beat the whipping cream until it just starts to barely hold a peak.
  4. Reduce the speed and beat the mixture until it gets to the point of holding nice, upright peaks. Stop the mixer.
    • Note: If you over-beat the whipping cream mixture, it will be a huge disappointment if your mixture turns into butter, without you knowing what happened to your beautiful whipped cream.
  5. Hamilton Beach Mini-Silicone Spatula - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comUsing a spatula, gently fold the Haskapa Jam into the whipped cream, making sure to move the spatula right down to the bottom of the bowl as you fold.

The Haskap Whipped Cream is now ready to serve, and is uber-delicious too! You can keep it refrigerated until needed.

How to Bake Haskap Apple Pie - cookingwithkimberly.comThe delightful combination of apple with the sweet tang of haskap berries baked in a pie and topped with this delectable, fluffy haskap whipped cream is outrageous inside of a flaky, homemade pie crust is outrageously good.

Haskapa - haskapa.comThis show is brought to you by Haskapa:

You will not be sorry that you learned How to Make Haskapa Whipped Cream and do serve it on some of your own favorite desserts.

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