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How to Cook Pan Sauteed Wasabi Crusted Salmon

Spice up your plate tonight with Pan Sauteed Wasabi Crusted Salmon!

Wasabi Crusted Salmon - CookingWithKimberly.comTonight, I’m cooking salmon, but I wanted to pan sauté it with a bit of a new flare.

Pan Sauteed Wasabi Crusted Salmon:

I saw wasabi peas in my pantry and decided to grind them or pulverize them in the food processor to use as the “dredging flour” to kick it up a hundred notches!

One of my favorite combinations is when I have salmon sushi with wasabi…and I like A LOT of wasabi with mine. So this is a spin-off of that flavor combination.

Pan Sauteed TilapiaIf you’re not into salmon, why not try my Perfect Pan Sauteed Tilapia Recipe.

Type: Fish Recipe

Serve With: Asian noodles or rice as a side dish
Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 9 – 11 min
Yield: serves 2 – 3

Wasabi Crusted Salmon Dredging - CookingWithKimberly.comIngredients:

  • 1 salmon filet
  • 3/4 tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tbsp butter
  • 1 cup wasabi peas – ground/pulverized in food processor
  • freshly cracked black pepper – to taste


  1. Pre-heat a large frying pan on medium heat.
  2. Rinse salmon under cold water and pat dry.
  3. 14 Inch Aluminum Frying Pan - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comPulverize/Grind wasabi peas in food processor and pour into a large plate or into a pan to dredge salmon lightly on both sides.
  4. On medium heat, heat olive oil and butter in a large frying pan.
  5. When butter is fragrant, arrange lightly dredged salmon in pan and sprinkle with freshly cracked black pepper, and allow to cook for about 5 min, or until golden brown on bottom.
    • * Tip: Lightly shake pan back and forth to ensure fish doesn’t stick after about 3 min of cooking. Don’t move fish around more than you have to…It will break apart.
  6. Using a large spatula, flip fish over, sprinkle freshly cracked black pepper, and cook until golden brown – ~ 4 min.

lemons - cookingwithkimberly.comThis is a great way to use wasabi peas and infuse the salmon with that great, spicy flavor! Mmm…serve with lemon, if desired.

Pan Sauteed Wasabi Crusted Salmon is an easy, mid-week, quick meal or as a great lent recipe, that you’ll enjoy over & over again…

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