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How to Cook Grilled Steak & Tomato Bites with Sesame Seeds

Steaks on the GrillThe season of Fall can play with our senses, just like the wind plays with the leaves in Autumn.

These Grilled Steak & Tomato Bites with Sesame Seeds will satisfy all of your human senses.

Hearty beef steak marinated in your choice of flavors and simply grilled up and served with a gorgeous array of toasted sesame seeds coating the outside.

A cherry or grape tomato fresh out of the garden is just what this toothpick appetizer ordered.

Gorgeous, simple, satiating & freshly delicious.

Hearing the sizzle of the steak on the grill, feeling the toasted sesame seeds on the outside of the steak bit with your tongue, the smell of the BBQ, the perked up color of the fresh tomato paired with this appetizer give you a feast for the eyes, and the unbelievable flavor you will achieve with these simple ingredients is a real winner.

Perfect for hors d’oeuvres, appetizers or just make a bunch for dinner!

This recipe will give you that little something extra you crave in a bite of food in the Fall, and it will warm your taste buds too.

Type: Appetizer Recipe
Serve with: dipping sauce, if desired
Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 4-5 min per side


  • grilling beef steak – cut into 1 inch cubes
  • marinade – of your choice
  • cherry tomatoes
  • sesame seeds – toasted
  • sea salt – to taste
  • freshly cracked black pepper – to taste



  1. Marinate grilling beef steak with your favorite flavors for a few hours in the refrigerator.
  2. Grill on the BBQ, as desired, and cut into 1-2 inch cubes.
  3. Dredge wit toasted sesame seeds.
  4. Serve on a toothpick with a tiny cherry tomato fresh out of the garden.

Enjoy served on a beautiful serving plate or tray.

I could, and will go on and on over a series of Fall Appetizer blog posts. Thanks for checking me out on Cooking with Kimberly. Please check out my blog too:


I hope you enjoy this Beef Recipe on Cooking with Kimberly! Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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Author: Ingrid Turner

Ingrid Turner from IngridTurnerToday.com, is a blogger, writer, grandmother, mother, cancer survivor and all around sparkling human being. From cooking, crafts, seniors’ issues, cancer, health, pets, gardening & the like, she entertains us in her writings.

Ingrid is also a regular on her daughter’s cooking show, “Cooking with Kimberly” @ CookingWithKimberly.com.


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  1. very nice recipe, i tried it and it went well. you should give us some more recipes on how to prepare stake

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    • Awesome! Glad you liked them too…They are so pretty to look at as well.

      I will have to do that – give more steak recipes.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ahmed!

      Kimberly 🙂

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  2. What a great recipe. i liked it very very much. i love this recipe much. superb

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