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How Cell Phones Help You Cook

motorolaq9mcellphoneI know you’re thinking…”What? How in the world can cell phones help me cook?

Think Back:
How many times have you or a member of the family “forgotten” something crucial to dinner or making lunches when they got home from the grocery store?

How many times have you said…Uhhh, I forgot the flour, or the sugar, or the milk, or the dish detergent?

I know I have, my hubby has, my mom has…Everyone I know has!

How to alleviate this? A simple cell phone! That’s right…

How many times have you tried to call your family member who’s grocery shopping to tell them not to forget this or that? Now, when they either don’t have a cell phone or forgot it, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, isn’t it?

How many times have you needed to call from the store to ask if you need chicken or bread, or something else for that matter? If you don’t have a cell phone, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, isn’t it?

What’s the Result? Frustration.

Frustration or lack of motivation are 2 huge reasons people dislike cooking at home. Either they don’t have the ingredients they need or they don’t want to put a lot of effort forth or time into it.

This leads to eating fast-food that is not as tasty, not as healthy and costs a lot more.

Be a Healthy Eater and get a Cell Phone! LOL…

samsungbeholdcellProblem: If you don’t have a cell phone yet, there’s obviously reasons. Most of the reasons are that you probably don’t want to compare cell phone plans. Plus, they are way to expensive, especially for more than 1 member of the household to have at one time.

Solution: Get free cell phones for the family. Get free verizon phones – or any other free phone for that matter. What? How do I do that?

There are a number of ways and places to get them…

In fact, you can get free Sprint phones on various websites. Yes, you will still have to pay for the plans, but you can often get cheaper plans per person if you sign up for a family plan.

You may be thinking that pre-paid is the best thing…I’m not sure about that because that’s what we have now. Even if you get free att cell phones, which are one of the more expensive ones, usually, pre-paid often costs you more in extra “fees” they’ll take off for better opportunities to a good rate. We spend a lot more now than if we got a contract. Since we’re moving soon, we’re holding off until we move to get on a contract.

Also, remember, there’s tons of phone applications out there to help you with to-do lists and grocery lists…For an example, remember my post: Don’t Forget the Milk – Awesome Organizing Tool

* There are also ways to get free Bluetooth headsets, which can be handy, if your family member is driving to or from the store…It’s safer and in many States or Provinces, they are absolutely required.


I hope you enjoyed this Cooking Tip on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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  1. bluetooth headsets are very nice and very comfortable because you don’t have those pesky wires.

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