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How to Cook Heavenly Breakfast Hash

Plan ahead for the weekend, by saving this recipe for how to cook Heavenly Breakfast Hash!

How to Cook Heavenly Breakfast Hash - cookingwithkimberly.comThis breakfast hash is a melange of deliciousness in your pan to wake you up & fuel your day – pasta, browned potatoes, peppers & ground beef!

Serve up with a few fried eggs, and you’re golden.

Heavenly Breakfast Hash:

This recipe is a spin-off of my mother’s German potatoes and pasta (she calls it Kartofel & Kleisa – the spelling is soooo wrong…LOL). This basically means potatoes, pasta/noodles (or homemade dumplings like spaetzel) with onions, usually served with Mennonite Farmer’s sausage – Yum!

Dettweiler's Smoked Pork Sausage - cookingwithkimberly.comHowever, since you can’t get Dettweiler’s Smoked Pork Sausage from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada all the time, and it runs out quickly in our house, even though we buy 25 lbs at a time.

Review: Dettweiler's Smoked Pork Sausage

I recreated this recipe with my sweetie in mind. He prefers not to eat pork, although we do enjoy the smokey & savory flavor whenever it comes to Farmer’s sausage. Believe me, and it is quite difficult to find other tasty substitutions in the meat category for breakfast, so I made this dish for him with ground beef. He is an athlete and is always trying to add more protein to his diet.

This accomplishes just that, especially if you serve it with eggs. I hope you love it!

How to Make Passion Fruit Salad - cookingwithkimberly.comType: Breakfast Recipe

Serve With: eggs, fresh fruit
Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 45 min
Yield: will serve 4 people

Nutrition Facts:

If you don’t use pork, it is a healthier choice. Always try to eat organically raised meat. You may create a vegetarian meal with this recipe by just eliminating the ground beef, or you may also try to find vegetarian breakfast sausage as an alternative.

butterAlso, you may substitute the butter (not with margarine – Margarines are not good for you because they are often hydrogenated oils with yellow coloring to trick you), with soy oil.

Whole wheat pasta is much better for you than plain, white pasta.

Leaving the skins on the potatoes retains valuable nutrients that you lose when you peel them. Save your skin!


  • about 2 cups whole wheat pasta – You may use plain, white pasta, if you wish. I prefer penne or rigatoni for this recipe.
  • potatoes3 potatoes – 3/4 inch dice; Russet potatoes work well; I prefer them with the skins on, but it is your choice.
  • 1/4 lb ground beef – You may also use ground pork, turkey, or chicken.
  • 1 medium onion – chopped
  • 1 sweet red pepper – You may use any type of pepper you like, but it tastes best when it’s not too spicy. If you use green pepper, just use about 1/2 of it, chopped.
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp peanut oil
  • cracked pepper – to taste
  • sea salt – to taste


  1. In a large stock pot, fill it 3/4 full to the top with water. Add 1 tbsp sea salt. Bring water up to a full boil, and add pasta.
    • 11 Inch Stainless Steel Colander - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comNote: Your whole wheat pasta will take about 15 min to cook to al dente. Regular pasta takes a little less time – about 8 – 9 min.
  2. Halfway through cooking the pasta – around 8 min – add the potatoes to the boiling water too. They should be done by the time the pasta is finished. Strain the entire pot with a colander, when pasta & potatoes are ready.
  3. 14 Inch Aluminum Frying Pan - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comIn a large frying pan, add 2 tbsp (or pats) of butter and about 1 tsp peanut oil (or equivalent) to keep butter from burning. Add the pasta and potatoes to the pan on medium heat and cook until slightly golden brown, shifting mixture frequently.
  4. * In a small frying pan, add the 1/4 lb of ground beef with 1 tsp peanut oil, and cook until meat is brown (no more pink), as you break it up into small pieces. Drain off the excess oil once browned.
    • Strawberry Pancake Spatula by Supreme Housewares - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comNote: I starred this step because you may just add the ground meat about 10 min into browning the pasta and potatoes on medium heat. I don’t do this in my house, as my mother may not feel like meat for breakfast that day, so now, everyone has an option of adding their own meat, if desired. You are also able to drain off the excess oil from the meat with ease when it is separate.
  5. With the ground beef (if adding it to the potato and pasta mixture) add the red pepper and onions that you diced.
  6. Continue shifting the mixture for even browning.
  7. When the ground beef is brown (if added to the pasta mixture), the potatoes and pasta have a nice golden brown to them, and the peppers and onions are soft, you are ready to eat.

heavenlybreakfasthash3.jpgThis breakfast is hearty and it was a winner in our book – a wonderful breakfast, especially on the weekend.

Heavenly Breakfast Hash is also perfect for a Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a birthday treat!

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  1. My mother made this tonight, without frying it up, just boiled, but with caramelized onions on top!

    Oooh, ahhh! I love this stuff!

    Thank God for Mothers!

    Kimberly 🙂

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  2. I agree “YUUUMMM!”. Next Sunday breakfast is going to be THIS. Thank God for your recipe blog!

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    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment!

      Kimberly 🙂

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