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Grilling Recipes for a Happy Labor Day!

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BBQ Grill

Grilling on the BBQ is the perfect way to enjoy Labor Day!

I’ve compiled 7 of my favorite BBQ posts for you to choose from here:

1. How to Grill Buffalo Burgers – These are lean, mean and perfect for your grill! Absolutely delicious, really easy and at Whole Foods Market, about the same price as their ground beef.

2. How to Marinate Meat – A must-know when it comes to learning how to cook on the BBQ. Great ideas and flavor combinations that will knock your socks off!

3. How to Make the Tastiest Turkey Burgers – That’s right, folks! This is thee recipe for the best turkey burgers around!

4. Australian Style Calamari on the Grill – Oooh yeah! My very favorite way to eat calamari! Aussies know how to eat!

5. Texas Beer-Can Chicken on the Grill – Not only is this a conversation piece, it is ridiculously tasty! Try it, you’ll love it…


Blue Byrd Plums

6. Fire Grilled Plums on the BBQ – The absolute, most perfect way to complete your Labor Day BBQ! These are so delicious…

Check out #7 below!

Also, before you start your barbeque, check out this awesome post about Using Real Wood for the BBQ!

Happy Labor Day!


I hope you enjoyed these BBQ Grilling Recipes on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S: 7. BBQ Grilling Tips – This is a resource you’ll use over and over again whenever it comes to BBQ Grilling. Don’t forget these fabulous and super helpful tips!

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