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Grilling in the Fall – Tailgating Galore

Kids are back to school, it’s cooling off outside (unless you’re in Dallas…LOL), and it’s football season. That’s for certain.

Now’s the time to get outside and enjoy that lovely weather on your patio and grill out.

You can have fun tailgating at home enjoying the Major League Baseball Games, NFL or College football by trying that Texas Tailgating Beer Can Chicken I’ve told you about, but you’ll want a grill worthy of these tasty tidbits.


If you haven’t heard of lynx grills before, I’ve been doing a little bit of research on them.

They are stainless steel grills that are of superior quality and give high performance that use either natural gas or liquid propane.

Built-In Lynx Grill

Built-In Lynx Grill

Great for outdoor use because of they are made of 18-gauge stainless steel that is extremely corrossion resistant. There is a choice of their built-in grills for use in an outdoor kitchen, or a free-standing grill that’s also moveable on commercial grade casters giving you more flexibility of where you want to bbq on your patio or backyard.

Another feature of the lynx grill is that they’re manufactured without seams or bolts in their construction. It is completely welded so that there are no open places for moisture, air or grease can get into to break down the materials with rust. Plus, I just love the look of the shiny, hand polished finish of stainless steel barbecues!

What I really love about Lynx grills is that they come with a Rotisserie System with a dedicated infrared ceramic burner. This allows the intense heat produced to be used for sealing in juices and savory flavors from your  barbecued delights!

Also, instead of the way most barbecues are made, this rotisserie system allows for 2 different distances from the heat for the spit rod. That way you can not only accomodate for larger pieces of meat, but you have more control of optimal heat for what you’re cooking.

That’s not it! LOL…There’s also 3 different speeds at which you can set the rotation of your meat.

Not only are the barbeques from Lynx modernly and sleekly designed, but they are extremely functional even for the professional chef. They also provide a plethora of different add-ons like burners and griddles, etc.

Free Standing Lynx Grill

Free Standing Lynx Grill

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide if and where you’d like to install an outdoor kitchen that’s more permanent, so using a free-standing grill is usually a safer bet until you can decide.

Oh yes, Lynx grills come with a full lifetime warranty on the stainless steel.

So, get on out there and be fearless with your amazing BBQ – treat your home team to some tempting treats from your grilling repertoire!


I hope you enjoyed this Cooking Product Review on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Oh yes – Don’t forget to check out that recipe for Texas Tailgating Beer Can Chicken!

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