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Freshly Baked Organic Sprouted Grain Bread from A&P

If you live in Canada, you know what the A&P is…It is one of our grocery stores chains (Atlantic & Pacific, if you didn’t realize)…

As you know, I am a bread baking FREAK…LOL…I make fresh bread at home in our bread machine at least 3 times per week.

However, when I’m in a rush or just don’t feel like it, I will go to the grocery store and find something tasty & healthy as a substitute.

This is my 2nd time trying their freshly baked Premiere Moisson Organic Sprouted Grain Bread, and I am singing their praises.

This stuff is really delicious. It is packed with some amazing grains that give such an amazing taste and hearty texture.

I even love it all by itself, without butter or anything else.

It slices really well and is covered with seeds on the top…I love that! It works well for sandwiches and for dunking in some amazing fall soups and stews!

Selling at $4.69 for a 500 g loaf, it is worth it for taste, health and convenience.

Kudos A&P Bakery!

Oh yeah, don’t forget your Air Miles card…They accept them at the A&P!


I hope you enjoyed this Food Find from Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Want to learn more about sprouted grain baking at home? Check out this fabulous book I found:

Essential Eating Sprouted Baking: Organic Whole Grain Sprouted Flours That Digest as Vegetables! Essential Eating Sprouted Baking: Organic Whole Grain Sprouted Flours That Digest as Vegetables!

Featuring appetizing baked goods ranging from sunrise pancakes to maple banana muffins and cinnamon animal crackers to brownie pie, this cookbook is full of tasty treats made from sprouted flour. An alternative to traditional flours, the sprouted variety is assimilated into the body as a vegetable rather than a starch and is more easily digested. These easy-to-use recipes using sprouted flour open up an entirely new avenue of cuisine for both those suffering with wheat and other grain sensitivities and those who simply want to eat better.


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