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Food Senses: Hunger & Eating

Garden Salad - CookingWithKimberly.comWell, if you haven’t already realized, let’s get on the same page…We use all 5 of our senses when we eat.

  1. Sight
  2. Audibles
  3. Smell
  4. Touch
  5. Taste

That’s how we “take it all” in, so to speak.

There is extensive research being done on how the scent and taste senses affect what we eat, how we eat, when we eat and how much we eat. This research even indicates, in many instances, why we eat, explaining cravings as well.

So, it’s only natural that a Weight Loss System be developed using this scientific data in order to put people in the right frames of mind with their scent & taste, so as to control these senses and give people an even better chance of resisting cravings and understanding patterns that cause unhealthy eating habits.

This particular program uses a 3 tiered approach to weight loss by incorporating “Tastants” which are flavorless crystals used to help control taste and scent, but also advice on being active and burning more calories in a day, learning about foods that keep you full longer, and it includes a healthy recipes to help those people on this program along their way to eating and living healthy.

Tested on 1,436 women and men, the scented, flavorless “Tastant” crystals were sprinkled on everything they ate in the clinical study. These participants were told not to change their existing exercise or diet program.

It was then found that those in the treatment group lost 30.5 lbs on average, and those in the control group only 2 lbs on average. That’s about 15% of their total body weight.

This system, called Sensa, was developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, who is also the founder and neurological director at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In addition to this research done on weight loss, the foundation addresses many smell- and taste-related disorders, including sleep, consumer preferences and sexual habits, among many other genres.

Satiety seems to be one of the best ways to get through a “diet” or weight loss system. If it’s possible to convince the body that it’s full, there’s half the weight loss battle already won.

Instead of simply masking hunger entirely, which is abnormal and unhealthy, it’s great to teach people on the program what foods will make them feel full longer, so as to keep further hunger pains and cravings at bay when unnecessary. Weight loss using Sensa is also touted to help people feel full faster when eating, which can curb overeating and over-intake of excess calories.

The system consists of 6 months of sprinkles, and each month is a different flavor combination or “blend”, which helps curb appetite by triggering the brains satiety mechanism. It’s important for the people on the program to switch to a different blend each month so as not to become resistant to their effects by being on one for too long, becoming immune to it’s function.

Now, before starting any weight loss regimen, it’s important to speak with your doctor frankly and openly about the system you are thinking about trying out to lose weight.


I hope you enjoy this Food Product Review on Cooking with Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

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