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Fire Magic Grills: Sleek, Durable Luxury

Have you been waiting to experience real tailgating in the your own backyard on your own patio or deck this Fall?

Have you been dreaming of the smokey, charbroiled deliciousness of tasty tidbits off your very own amazing stainless steel grills you see all over television cooking shows?

Have you been imagining you could barbecue just like Emeril Lagasse?

Built-In Fire Magic Grills from Outdora

Built-In Fire Magic Grills from Outdora

Fire Magic Grills can make all of that happen, with a little help from a few great, savory recipes up your sleeve.

Want to entertain guests and be proud to show off your shiny, stainless steel grill that creates all of those ridiculouosly divine foods you’re serving them?

No problem…These grills come in built-in models and freestanding barbecues.

You can’t tell me these barbecues aren’t professional looking and beautifully put together.

These Fire Magic Grills aren’t just good looking. They’re durable, and really functional. Their stainless steel construction allows for quick and easy clean up of grilled on mess and drippings.

They come with so many available options like wood-chip smoker drawers, rear burner rotisseries, digital LCD thermometers that monitor different heating zones, auto turn-off features, side power burners with 60,000 BTUs, as well as being able to use natural gas or propane.

Free Standing Fire Magic Grill from Outdora

Free Standing Fire Magic Grill from Outdora

They have front loading for fiery charcoal or sweet-roasting wood for ease of use and a double-walled all stainless steel body.

Propane models provide you with a slide out tray for propane cylinders and invaluable cast, stainless steel, lockable, swivel canisters for ease of mobility within your outdoor space.

Whether the Fire Magic Grill you’re interested in is built-in, countertop or freestanding, you’ll enjoy up to a lifetime warranty, and if you order it from Outdora, you’ll also get free shipping and handling. Plus, they’ll match any price you find out there for the same item.

Gourmet barbecue feasts are right around the corner when you fall in love with one of these grills.

You don’t need any more reasons to get one, do you? I didn’t think so!

So, grace your outdoor space with a Fire Magic Grill.


I hope you enjoyed this BBQ Grilling post on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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