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How to Make Fantastically Decadent Fruit Trifle


Truly Decadent and a Perfect End to an Excellent Dinner. I love this as my birthday cake! Wonderful and exciting too! ~ Kimberly Edwards ;D

Type: Dessert
Serve With: Homemade whipped cream, if desired
Yield: Should serve 10-15 people



Preparing Custard:
1. In a heavy saucepan, mix together sugar and flour. Stir in milk and beaten egg yolks.

2. Cook and stir on medium until mixture thickens and begins to bubble, but DO NOT boil. Remove from heat immediately.

3. Add vanilla extract and stir in thoroughly, then cool for 30 min.

Preparing Whipped Cream:
1. In a mixing bowl, beat whipping cream until it slightly thickens.

2. Add icing sugar and continue to whip until it forms firm peaks.

Assembling Trifle:
1. In a trifle bowl or clear souffle serving bowl, arrange lady fingers stacking vertically along bottom edges of bowl and line the bottom.

2. Sprinkle with rum or sherry and fill with a layer of cake cubes, sprinkling with rum or sherry as well.

3. Sprinkle with fresh fruit and spoon a layer of custard on top, followed by a layer of whipped cream.

4. Continue to stack bowl upwards with ladyfingers vertically as you fill bowl.

5. Continue to layer cake sprinkled with rum or sherry, fruit, custard and whipped cream until the container is full near the top.

6. Once you reach the very top layer with last layer being whipped cream.

7. Chill in refrigerator for 4-5 hrs.

8. Melt raspberry jam in a small saucepan and dip several pretty strawberries in jam, allowing glaze to cool.

9. Using a spoon, gently pour spoon by spoon of jam around the edge of the trifle bowl and drizzle lightly over the top.

10. Garnish with glazed strawberries.

11. Chill for another 2-3 hrs.

12. Enjoy the deliciousness!!!


This is a delightful recipe that serves a lot of people comfortably. At Christmastime, you could use cranberries…Mmmmm!

I hope you enjoy this recipe at Easter from Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards ;D

P.S. You will need a trifle bowl for making trifle for the beautiful presentation…Here is a great one for only $9.99:

Beautiful Trifle Bowl

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    • Me too! Trifle is so delicious!

      Also, you don’t feel so bad eating it because it’s packed full of fruit! LOL…

      Kimberly 🙂

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