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Don’t Rinse Your Pasta: How to Cook Pasta

Kitchen Collection 5 Quart Enamel Colander RedWhen you’re cooking pasta, don’t rinse it afterward when you drain the water off.

If you do, you rinse of the starch that will hold your sauce on the noodle.

Plus, you’ll cool down the pasta to a much lower temperature, even if you rinse it in warm water.

So, just drain your pasta in a colander or strainer, pour it back into your pan or pot and drizzle olive oil or melt some butter into it until you finish adding your sauce.

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P.S. Try out this amazing Organic Whole Wheat Pasta! Linguine is my favorite noodle:

La Terra Il Cielo Organic Whole Wheat Linguini Pasta 2/ 1lb La Terra Il Cielo Organic Whole Wheat Linguini Pasta 2/ 1lb

Our whole wheat pasta is processed with care from La Terra e il Cielo’s pasta factory. Its is particularly appreciated by the careful consumer for its richness and wholesome qualities. To produce our gourmet quality pasta our grains are stone milled. This process preserves the intrinsic nutritional values of the milled grain. In addition to stone milling our grain we sift about 5 to 7% of all bran fibres. The remaining flour is rich in trace minerals and vitamins. The durum wheat is the grain par excellence mainly present in the areas of central Italy and cultivated from our members by using organic method. The milling in our ancient stone mill facility permits us to obtain a wholemeal flour taht preserves unchanged the nutritional property of the grain. La Terra e il Cielo is one of the first Italian cooperatives specialising in organic farming. All the phases are checked and certified by the Mediterranean Istitute of Certification recognized by the European Union Commission.

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