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Cooking Tips for College Students on a Budget

Electric Kettle

I was a student in University, and was married in university.

So, we definitely know how to stretch a dollar when you’re going to school and don’t have a large budget to work with. Plus, we know your meals need to be quick and easy, as you really don’t have a lot of time for anything extra when going to university!

No doubt, if you’ve been to college or university, you’ll know exactly what I mean – If you’re on your way to college in the fall, be prepared and know your options ahead of time.

Firstly, find out if your dormitory allows you to have any kind of cooking appliance, such as a microwave, toaster, single burner or slow cooker. Also, find out if you’re allowed to have a small fridge in your room.

* Tip: Some dorms have a community kitchen of sorts where there will be a stove or burners, a toaster and fridge, etc. that you have access to use.

Secondly, whatever they allow you to have, check out Sears CampusReady on Facebook and try out the Gift Getter function.

This will allow you to “Get the perfect gifts for college and let your friends and family pay”. How cool is that?

The key here, people, is to get things you need – like a bar fridge, toaster, kettle, etc…not just cool posters and good looking duds to wear to the campus pub! LOL

What else is fabulous is that Sears offers Reloadable Gift Cards that you and your parents both get. That way your parents can “reload” them in a Sears or Kmart personally or go online to reload, so that you can get to the local Sears or Kmart near your school and get your supplies you need – since you’re going to be such responsible students hitting the books, right?

3 Budget College Foods
1. Ramen Noodles: Yes, they will sustain you, they’re super duper cheap, tasty and can be stored for a long period of time. All you need is hot water – meaning, you can heat water in a microwave or boil it on a stove or use an electric kettle. Simple, quick and easy.

* Tip: Try cutting up some green onion/chives or mushrooms finely and add to your cup before adding the water – It will spice things up a bit for you. You could even try 2-3 shrimp chopped, as they cook extremely quickly and you could pick a few up at the fish counter of your grocery store for a very low price!

2. Rice & Beans: These 2 items are extremely inexpensive and together, are very nourishing! They form a complete protein, as so many vegetarians and vegans know…Add some creative seasonings, mix the 2 together or eat separately! Add some veggies to beans and water in a slow cooker before leaving for class, boil up some 5 minute rice or add it to the slow cooker when you get back and you’ll have a complete, hearty meal that was really cheap.

* Tip: If you get yourself a small refrigerator for your dorm room, like a bar fridge, you can store your leftovers, as well as some easy “fixins” like sour cream for a slow cooker chili or butter and jam for your toast in the morning. All very cheap and will make your cooking “repertoire” more exciting!

3. Instant Oatmeal, Grits or Cream of Wheat: Just add boiling water baby! All healthy, stick-to-your-bones types of breakfasts available in instant varieties so you simply have to find a way to boil water – microwave, electric kettle or a stove.

So, be sure to check out CampusReady on Facebook for the Gift Getter function, as well as the ability to design your dorm room in 3D before you get to your university or college home.

You can also check out your new roommate online to see what you share in common – or what’s different about the 2 of you!


I hope you enjoyed these Cooking Tips on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously!

P.S. To me, the most useful small appliance in university was my electric kettle. So many things you can do with some boiling water:

Sunpentown SK-1715B Cordless Electric Kettle Sunpentown SK-1715B Cordless Electric KettleThe Sunpentown SK-1715B cordless electric kettle is easy to use with its cord-free feature and cool tempered handle and base.

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