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Company’s Coming: 1 Hour Home Entertaining Preparation Checklist

Surprise! Company’s Coming

company's comingAnd they’ll be here in 1 hour? What?!!!

  • Is your mother-in-law dropping by for a visit?
  • Friends, family or businesses acquaintances call to tell you they’ll be there in about an hour?
  • Maybe your husband called you from work to let you know he’s bringing someone home for dinner…and you’re looking at a messy place with nothing prepared and you look a mess yourself.

Entertaining over The Holidays can be especially stressful with unexpected visitors on the regular as well.

For a home cleanup in an hour or less, follow these 12 steps and you should have yourself a presentable home, some snacks as offerings, and you’ll look like you didn’t break a sweat!

1 Hour Home Entertaining Preparation Checklist:

1. Wipe off all flat surfaces, including counter tops, with a lite furniture polish. 4 min

2. Clean mirrors & TV screen. 3 min

3. Bathrooms: Wipe tubs, sinks & toilets with a quick once over. 4 min

4. Vacuum through quickly, room spray, light candles – no time for details today! 10 min

5. Put quick load of laundry in, if necessary, to de-clutter laundry room. 3 min

6. Hang clean hand towels in bathroom, and tea towels in kitchen. 2 min

7. Front door & handles – clean them, and remove all clutter from entrance way. 4 min

8. Take raw veggies and easy snacks out of the fridge & pantry. Wash the vegetables & let sit in colander while you’re getting everything else done. 5 min

9. Make beds – close doors to the bedrooms. Children can assist, so give them this job. They can also dress themselves for company. 5 min

10. Shower & makeup – Keep it simple. 10 min

11. Get dressed in nice, clean clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. 5 min

12. Prepare snacks – cut up raw veggies & prepare a simple dip, cut up some cheese and serve with fresh crackers. Make a pot of tea. 7 min

If dinner is needed, and you have a roast beef or whole chicken, quickly, simply prepare it and place in oven with carrots, onions, potatoes. Dinner will be ready in 2 hrs.

Ready in Under 1 Hour:

There you go…Ready in under 1 hour.

If you have older or more competent children, you can delegate some of these tasks to them, freeing up time for everyone’s stress levels to significantly go down.

You’ll appear as the most organized & tidy individual or family, and the house will look & smell great.

Guess what?! You just got some of that weekly cleaning done too.

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