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Web Chef Review: Central Market – Dallas Preston Royal

While visiting Dallas this time, I finally got the privilege to visit Central Market at Preston & Royal.

peppers @ Central Market in Houston, TXCentral Market is a whole-foods, organic-type grocery store/market. That’s a mouthful, right?

Well, it is. Not only does it have the prettiest, cleanest, freshest & healthiest-looking produce I’ve seen in quite some time, it is sooo much more.

The store is filled with fantastic & “obscure”, mom & pap’s-type organic brands of every kind. The store is aisle after aisle of new, different and tasty-looking foods.

Where we first walked in they have a self-serve area where you can pack your own freshly made, organic beauty products, including bath salts, facial masks, lotions, soaps and the list goes on…

Okay, let’s talk about their selection of meat, fish and poultry…Wow…as far as the eye can see down an entire side of the market. Meat of every cut, marinated and non-marinated.

Live Dungeness Crabs? Yes, that’s what I said. $12.99/lb for live crabs…Are you kidding? Nope! Wow!

Fish of every shape and size, whole, filleted, cut into steaks…Shrimp of every size, calamari, oysters, clams, etc etc etc…unbelievable and so very fresh!!!

Let’s keep moving…keep up, would you? They have an entire wine and beer area with award winners to boot.

A fabulous deli with cured meat and cheeses from all over the world!

There is a fabulous coffee shop at the front of the store, which also serves the best gelato I’ve ever had…

If this isn’t enough already, they sell freshly prepared, very gourmet foods/meals, that you are able to taste-test before you buy to bring home, or eat in their dining area. Not only that, they prepare stir frys, tacos and pizza made-to-order right in front of you…

This area has a marvelous salad bar, soup bar, condiment/dips/sauces/dressings, olives of every sort, pickles, EVERYTHING!

If you’re in a pinch for an amazing dinner, run in here and get what you need at very reasonable prices, and your guests will think you should be a famous chef.

The coolest part of all, is that they have taste testing sites throughout the store, at every turn, with something new and delicious to try!

So, did we eat there? Certainly did!!!

What did we decide upon?

We had pepita (crushed pumpkin seeds) encrusted catfish with a few sides: whipped sweet potatoes, grilled carrots with whole snap peas and balsamic portobello bowtie pasta salad with an appetizer of portobello mushroom, spinach and goat cheese quesadilla. Um…YUM!!!

EVERYTHING was fabulous! That catfish was so succulent and delicious…I would’ve never thought of that crust would be so terrific…I am dreaming about this dish to this day!

The whipped sweet potatoes were scrumptious! I could’ve had a whole plate!

What for dessert? Well, after trying about 5 different gelatos each before our choice, we both decided on the rum & raisin flavor…Delectable! 2nd I would have chosen the pink grapefruit or passion-fruit. It was like tasting the fruit cold…plain, simple and perfect!

The cleanliness and display of everything was unsurpassed!

We also found out, before we left, that they have a casual dining restaurant on the 2nd level, that we didn’t know existed, that has an outdoor, covered eating area…

What’s more? Central Market caters too! I’m sold! The most amazing grocery store/market I’ve ever seen!

You have to make it out to Central Market in Dallas, TX.


I hope you enjoy this Product Review on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Be a Champion in Your Kitchen & Eat Deliciously!

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