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Can Eating Raw Oysters Pose Health Risks?

If you’re considering eating raw oysters for the first time, then you’re probably wondering if they could pose a health risk.

oystersThere are a few things to be aware of before you endeavor on this delicious journey.

Where do oysters shop? At the mollusk! LOL

That’s right…Oysters are bivalve mollusks in the animal world…Get it? The mollusk (mall-usk)? LOL

All kidding aside…I am not sure who the first person was that looked at an oyster and said, “Mmm, that looks tasty! I want to eat that…” was, but I am certainly glad they were brave enough to do so!

Eating Raw Oysters: What You Should Know

It’s also a good thing that that particular person was not actually allergic to the oyster…It may have been a lost food source, and we would all be missing out on this delicious treat!

raw oystersUnfortunately, many people are allergic to raw oysters, some extremely allergic.

Be safe & be aware, if you may have a health risk for eating raw Gulf oysters.

According to the BeOysterAware.com website, at risk individuals include those with liver disease, iron overload disease, diabetes, cancer, stomach disorders, or conditions that weaken the immune system.

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