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Before You Drive, Take The Online Breathalyzer

My good stumble upon friend, zjs102, has an amazing website called SizzUp.com.

It is all about making the perfect alcoholic cocktails at home, and anything to do with that and partying…LOL

Joe often has some great little applications to play around with, and one of them is this Online Breathalyzer!

Provided you aren’t too drunk to use it, you can enter in your information, such as:

1. Age

2. Sex

3. Height

4. Weight

5. How many drinks you had

6. How long you were drinking for

7. Alcohol level

8. How much you consumed

…And Voila! It gives you your blood alcohol percentage, total alcohol ingested, alcohol remaining in your body, your body water, and a summary of how you probably feel.

If you’re too drunk to figure this thing out, get your friend to try, or just grab a Designated Driver if in doubt! You must need one if you’re in doubt…LOL…

SizzUp.comMake sure you check out SizzUp.com for all of your cocktail and party needs!


I hope this post on Alcohol on Cooking With Kimberly is helpful to you in so many ways! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Never EVER drive Drunk or Impaired in ANY way!

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  1. What if you are drinking mixed drinks? I would think it would be a little more difficult to distinguish how drunk a person is.

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  2. …And does it take into consideration if you have eaten at all?

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  3. Hello RPO…

    I don’t think it does take that into consideration…I didn’t see it on there…???

    Kimberly 😕

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