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Are You Food Allergy-Sensitive? Tips, Tricks & Recipe Ideas

John & Lisa Merrill Posters Prints - Fresh Fish at Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, USA Art Photographic Print - Artist: John & Lisa Merrill - Poster SizA food allergy is a type of immunologic reaction from the intake of certain food protein. Recent studies show that there are about 12 million Americans, who suffer from food allergies.

Shellfish, eggs, tree nuts, fish and peanuts are considered familiar causes of food allergies, especially for older people. Children usually suffer from food allergies to peanuts, milk and eggs.

Currently, the only cure for people who are allergy-sensitive is to prevent the intake of those foods, which cause them to be allergic. These foods are called “allergens”. To avoid such food allergy attacks, it is imperative that food is carefully prepared for people, who have allergy-sensitivities.

I will cover 3 types of allergy-sensitivity diet: Egg-Free Diet, Nut-Free Diet, and Milk/Dairy-Free Diet

Mitch Diamond Posters Prints - Cracked Egg in the Middle of Other Eggs Art Photographic Print - Artist: Mitch Diamond - Poster Size: 48x36Egg-Free Diet
Egg allergies are over reactions of the immune system in the body when proteins from the eggs are ingested.

A person with an egg allergy needs to avoid prepared foods wherein albumin, egg, and other egg substitutes are present. There are different egg substitutes you incorporate in with your cooking recipe such as:

– Tofu
– Puree from apricot
– Plain gelatin with warm water
– Mix of baking powder, vinegar and liquid

* Tip: There are also a number of egg substitutes at your local grocery store.

Now that you have an idea of what you can substitute, please look up the appropriate amount of each item for your recipe before you prepare the above-mentioned substitutes.

Some recipes that don’t have eggs are: (1) Chevre and Pickled Beets on a Bed of Spinach, (2) Texas Tailgating Beer Can Chicken, (3) Incredible Ice Cream, (4) Veggie Chili, (5) Kimberly’s Kasha for breakfast, (6) Canadian Fried Chicken, (7) Light and Healthy Artichoke Dip…just to name a few…

Susie Mccaffrey Posters Prints - Juglans (Californian Walnut), Close-up of Group & Open Nut Art Photographic Print - Artist: Susie Mccaffrey - Poster Size: 30x4Nut-Free Diet
All kinds of nuts, as well as foods that may contain “peanut protein”, should not be consumed if you happen to belong to the group of people with peanut allergies. Peanuts are considered legumes, and other nuts are considered dry fruit.

Presently, there are a lot of peanut-free recipes you can prepare. To brainstorm for you: (1) Super Salmon Cakes (make sure your seeds are from a nut-free producer, or eliminate seeds from recipe), (2) Pasta Primavera with Shrimp, (3) Texas Tailgating Beer Can Chicken, (4) Ooey Gooey Creme Brule for dessert (5) Chevre and Pickled Beets on a Bed of Spinach, (6) Light and Healthy Artichoke Dip, (7) Veggie Chili …just to name a few…

Basically, it has been discovered that “soy nut” is the best substitute in food preparation for peanut-free dishes. A soy nut does not belong to the “nut” family since the term is coined for soybeans that are drenched and baked for a crispier taste. They are beans.

Fogstock Llc Posters Prints - Full Glass of Milk Art Photographic Print - Artist: Fogstock Llc - Poster Size: 36x48Milk/Dairy-Free Diet
Milk allergy is an allergic response of the immune system when an individual has consumed one or more proteins acquired from cow’s milk. This is sometimes referred to as being lactose intolerant.

If you are allergic to milk, you need not consume foods or beverages which contain milk, butter, different types of cheese, and sour creams. Stay away from dairy! Some dairy-free recipes you may want to prepare are: (1) Texas Tailgating Beer Can Chicken, (2) Veggie Chili (minus sour cream on top as garnish), (3) Kimberly’s Kasha, (4) Silver Dollar Potatoes, (5) Healthy and Simple 7 Grain Bread, (6) Down South Smothered Liver and Onions (just omit butter and use olive oil), and (7) to drink, try Kimberly’s Southern-Style Sweet Iced Tea …just to name a few

You will find other suitable recipes on this site as well.

People who have food allergies can still eat delicious meals while eliminating the “allergens”, which triggers their allergy. The one who is preparing the food must be cautious not to include these food triggers, as some allergies, like ones to peanuts, can be fatal. Most importantly, there are a multitude of alternative food recipes you can cook. The internet is a good source for recipes.

Eating should not be boring for people with food allergies. Just use a little creativity and resourcefulness, and to eat those tasty foods they crave. Just experiment and substitute.

I hope you enjoyed today’s installment of Cooking With Kimberly. Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 😀

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