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Apply for a “Foodie” Neighborhood Beautification Grant Now

Today, I “stumbled” across this information that I was going to post on our BlogNButter.com/homeandgardening blog, but…then, IT HIT ME at how great this info could be to you, my beloved foodies!

LogoCheck it out:

Project Orange Thumb is a neighborhood beautification project where within the U.S. and Canada, 20 grants of $1,500 in Fiskars gardening tools and up to $800 in gardening-related materials (green goods). Plus, 4 grants will be awarded for Australia with $1,000 in gardening tools and up to $1,000 in gardening materials.

So, they’ll give money to create a neighborhood garden or to improve an already existing one! How cool is that?

What Does That Mean to Foodies?

Well, with a Project Orange Thumb grant, who says you couldn’t plant an organic vegetable and herb garden with edible flowers for the neighborhood to share…a “share-crop”, if you like!

How unbelievably neat would that be, especially to those of you who are foodies that love to cook!

As for those who don’t cook, they will be able to observe the beautiful flowers and plants, not to mention attracting more healthy bees to the neighborhood and beautiful butterflies and birds.

To me, this is neighborhood beautification at it’s finest!

So, I encourage you and your friends to apply for this rare and unique opportunity to make your neighborhood a prettier and healthier place, even if you plant a flower garden or some beautiful trees, that aren’t edible…I won’t be mad at you…LOL…Plants rock!

The deadline for application is February 17th, 2009.


I hope you enjoyed this Food Find on Cooking With Kimberly! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

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