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All Shopping Carts Are Not Created Equally

gone to the grocery store, chose your shopping cart out and within about 10 seconds from go, you wanted to take it back? Either it was wobbly, pulling to one side, or one wheel just would not turn?

… Or do you just suffer through the annoyance because you figure they’re all alike?

Well, all shopping carts are not created equally, and that goes for ecommerce software as well.

If you are starting your own cooking website and are wanting to sell recipes, cookware or gourmet food, you will need a payment processor and a shopping cart available for your customers to buy from you.

You will want it to be seamless, easy, professional, and have great support when you have questions or issues, right?

Well, we are always doing research on how to improve our systems for our website, and have come across a fantastic alternative for shopping cart software (I wanted to let you know because it is difficult to find great products online, and if you are dealing with your website…your “baby”…you don’t want to make a mistake. Plus, it’s nice to have someone you know and/or trust recommend something before you try it yourself.).

The website I was most impressed with was Ashop…

According to Ashop, they offer “a complete solution for merchants to sell online”. They are a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software, and were winners of the 2006 My Business Awards in their class (Okay, I was impressed by this too…)

Want to be able to take a “test drive” like you can with your shopping cart at the grocery store? No problem, they have that covered too…They’ll give you a 10 Day Free Trial!

Let me know what you think of them because, as mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by them. In my opinion, this gets “great product” status.

I hope this installment is valuable and helpful to you when choosing a shopping cart if you have a cooking website or want to start one on which you will be selling products!

Now, just because you didn’t get a recipe doesn’t mean that, until next time, you shouldn’t…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 😀

* P.S. Grocery Shopping Tip: Next time you choose a bad shopping cart, stop using it and take it back. Enjoy your shopping experience!

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Author: Kimberly Turner

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