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About the Bundt Pan: National Bundt Day

November 15th is National Bundt Day, and these are really fun baked goods to make.

About the Bundt Pan:

Recipe Right Fluted Tube Cake or Bundt Pan - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comAlmost any cake or coffee cake can possibly be baked in a bundt pan. However, there are recipes published & mixes available under the “bundt” name.

These mixes & recipes are specially created by “Bundt” to be baked in their “Bundt” pan.

The bundt fluted pan is beautifully scalloped, leaving an attractive impression on the sides & bottom of your cake. When inverted onto a cake serving tray, the bottom of the baked cake becomes the top of the cake, and the top becomes the bottom of the presented cake.

This is unlike angel cake, baked in a regular tube pan, where the baked top remains the top for presentation.

Chicago Metallic 2pc Nonstick Pro Angel Food Cake Pan - shop.cookingwithkimberly.comThe bundt pan is considerably heavier than an angel cake tube pan, which is generally made of aluminum. Also, the fluted 10 x 3 1/2 inch bundt pan holds about 12 cups, whereas the comparable 9 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch angel cake tube pan holds about 16 cups.

However, the bundt pan doesn’t have the convenient removable tube portion, the angel cake tin has. The bundt pan proves to have a versatile option, as it can easily be used as a gelatin mold for jellied salads, aspics, or coffee cakes, and transfers that lovely, scalloped, fluted design to the sides & top for an attractive presentation.

Since the bundt pan is quite heavy, most cakes baked in this pan will need to be timed differently. After your first time, you will have a guide for future ventures in using the Bundt pan.

Happy National Bundt Day!

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