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A Story of Identity Theft at a Restaurant – It Happens Everyday!

* This story is completely fictional and created to educate people about identity theft in restaurants.

Okay, so I was having a few drinks with some friends in the lounge at an upscale restaurant in Toronto and happened to see one of my favorite celebs eating with some friends. I thought it would be too intrusive to go over and meet her to ask for her autograph or something, so we just watched every move she made…

As her and her entourage got up to leave, I noticed that she dropped her wallet…Of course, I got up to pick it up and hopefully return it to her. By the time I got the wallet, she was whisked off by her bodyguards into her car waiting outside, and she was nowhere to be found…

diamondsareagirlsbestfriend-untouched-photo-by-zdenka-micka.JPGMy friends joined me outside, and what to do now? Well, what many people would do in today’s society, what would many people do? Well, steal someone’s identity of course…

Photo left: Kimberly Edwards, photo by Zdenka Micka, MUA Christina Trozzolo

Right at that moment, a teenager ran across the street to ask for my autograph and how much she loved me in my movies…It hit me…In the past, I had been told by some that I resemble this star, and this just proved that my idea could work…It was easy pickings…

Well, what to spend her $$$ on?

I checked her wallet and looked at her credit cards, which were not even signed on the back yet…We were in business!

Firstly, we all grabbed a cab to the next gorgeous restaurant in downtown Toronto, which I won’t name, since we were starving…I knew that restaurant identity theft is one of the most rampant, but still quite common.

When we arrived, they mistook me for her there too. It helped that a waitress asked me for my autograph when we walked in…LOL

We were then quickly taken to a VIP room where we ate in the lap of luxury. Between the 5 of us, we had amazing steamed lobster and King crab legs, the best filet mignon with truffle butter, beautiful appetizers including caviar with bellinis, wonderful escargots, and mahi mahi skewers. Absolutely amazing!!!

We ate divine desserts with gold leaf, and drank wonderful cocktail concoctions especially created for me by the bartender, and of course Dom Perignon all around!!!

It went on and on for hours…We had so much fun, and of course, we ordered for all of our husbands at home too, and got these gorgeously wrapped dishes to bring home…

When it came to footing the bill, I signed the back of her card myself in her name, and it was ACES when I signed the credit card receipt…A perfect match!!!

Of course, I left huge tips for the waiters that helped us, the bartender, maitre’d and manager…

I guess if she had lifelock, I could have been in some huge trouble…They’d have caught me right away…

However, I got away Scott-free…Since I looked like her, they didn’t ask me for identification…They must have been too embarrassed to even ask…

To this day, she is one of my favorite actresses…After all, she treated us to a night on the town!

To boot, I thought I saw one of the waiters writing down the credit card number too…What do I care, it’s not really mine, right?

Having your credit card number stolen at a restaurant is a serious possibility these days. So many people have access to viewing your credit card when the waiter takes it away to swipe…Also, after you sign your bill, now they have a perfect signature care of you!!!

It is so important to protect yourselves in precarious situations with your credit card information. Get protection…Check out LifeLock.com for more information on how this fictional story could have been prevented!

* This story is completely fictional and created to educate people about identity theft in restaurants.


Fellow Foodies: Watch out for shoulder-surfers while you are paying and signing your bill at restaurants!

I hope you found this installment of Cooking With Kimberly helpful! Until next time…

Eat Deliciously,

Kimberly Edwards 🙂

P.S. Just for Fun: Guess what celebrity was being “impersonated” in the story above by Commenting in the Box Below!

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