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A Celebration of Vinegars: National Vinegar Day

National Vinegar Day is a great day to experiment in your kitchen with this sour substance.

vinegar seller in BucharestGenerally speaking, vinegars are the result of fermentation, and almost any liquid can be used in fermentation during the initial stage. They yeast action converts the sugars to alcohol.

During the next stage, bacteria convert the alcohol into acetic acid.

Vinegar can be made from grains or fruit. The various vinegars can be rich, mellow or sharp, and make a huge difference in cooking.

All vinegars are considered to be corrosive, having an approximate 4 – 6% acidity. Thus, vinegar should be stored and used in glass, stainless steel, or enamel containers, avoiding aluminum, zinc, copper or iron ware. Store in glass cruets with glass, plastic or cork stoppers.

Balsamic Vinegar:

Balsamic Vinegar - CookingWithKimberly.comBalsamic vinegar is made from white grapes originating from the Reggio or Modena areas of Italy. These vinegars can be very expensive, and according to law, balsamic cannot contain any added wine vinegar.

This special vinegar is aged 12 years for old, and 25 years for extra old, and guaranteed as such on their labels.

The traditional or old balsamic vinegar makes a great sauce or condiment, and very old balsamic is used by the drop to finish dishes or with fresh fruit like watermelon or berries.

The commercial balsamic might be made anywhere from wine vinegar & caramel coloring added. Quality varies since there are no laws controlling production for use in marinades, and cooked in recipes.

Other Vinegars:

Distilled white vinegar is based on dilute distilled alcohol to 5% acetic acid. As simple as this ingredient is, it can still be wonderfully, simply delicious in recipes.

Check out this easy Cucumber Salad we often make in our household:

Cider vinegar is based on apple juice, and is often used for pickling.

Herb vinegars have herbs of choice, like rosemary or tarragon, and others steeped in the various vinegars.

Malt vinegar contains an infusion of barley malt – or corn, rye, oats. It is usually used as a condiment.

National Vinegar Day should be that much more celebratory now that you know all of that about vinegar.

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